About NComputingPH

NComputingPH is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company in the world, with more than 70,000 customers and 20 million daily users in 140 countries. We serve customers large and small, in diverse markets with varying use cases across education, government, healthcare among others.

With innovative and award-winning technologies, NComputing brings customers an impressively quick ROI with economical, high-performance desktop virtualization solutions.

The smarter approach is to simplify what you deploy and save a bunch of time, money and effort.

Easy to Set-up

So you buy a server and install vSpace Pro. It’s replacing all those computers and hosts your virtualized desktops, probably in another room where you can’t see or hear it.

You give each of your users a keyboard, mouse and monitor, then plug them into an NComputing access device like the RX300.

Connect to your network via LAN or WIFI, and now each of your people have their own virtual computer. That’s it.

Slash the Cost

It’s quiet in here. That’s because there are no fans or hard drives spinning around, creating heat that your air conditioner then works hard at removing.

You’re saving money on acquisition costs, energy, and maintenance while reducing noise pollution.

Did we mention the access devices are small and can mount to the back of your monitors? Genius.

Centrally Managed

Rejoice, the user data is on the server and easily backed-up. The applications and operating system are as well, so you are maintaining just one server instead of an army of computers.

Your antivirus protection is now centralized to one system to help prevent malware, viruses and data theft.

Updates to vSpace Pro come with firmware for the access devices which are applied by a single button push. Genius.

More Productive

Inexpensive pieces with few moving parts mean less maintenance and attention required by IT, allowing your people to be more productive with less down-time.

The computing experience is the same if not better than having a full computer hiding under each desk.

Use the RX300 with adapter and you’ve got access to a second display. Now that’s how you Compute Smartly.

Better Features

The benefits you will get from using the NComputing Solutions

Save money on the electricity

With over 90% of your PCs removed and replaced with NComputing devices, you will most likely need to turn your thermostat down because there is no heat generated.

High Security

NComputing devices have far fewer input devices (floppy drives, CD-ROMs, USB, etc) so that all data can be kept on a central, secured host, rather than on each individual desktop PC.

Minimize hardware obsolescence

Fewer PCs mean lesser hardware becomes irrelevant. If you are using a 1:30 ratio, upgrading one PC simultaneously upgrades 30 users thus effectively eliminating hardware costs.

Cost Effective

Save considerably on your hardware cost versus buying individual PCs for each user. NComputing gives the ability to expand an existing Host PC easily and affordably.