NComputingPH has been serving Asia Pacific for more than 13 years, pursuing the idea of affordable, high performing desktop virtualization solutions.

Our innovative and award-winning technologies serve customers large and small, in diverse markets, with varying use cases–We’re confident our virtual desktop solutions will work for all computing industries .

High Performance

Servers and thin clients cost less to acquire than an army of PCs. Thin clients use less energy, generate a fraction of a PCs fan noise and heat, and greatly reduce the need for hands-on support. Even use existing PCs past their expiration dates via software clients.

Today’s computers have more computing power than most users need, and much of it sits idle a majority of the time. We help you consolidate, virtualize, and distribute this computing power to where it's needed the most..

We can't live without PCs, so let’s learn how to live with them in a way that makes them friendlier to the environment. Thin clients and desktop virtualization reduce eWaste, energy use, and CO2 emissions

For fifteen years we've brought new technology to struggling communities, helped startups "startup" without breaking the bank, and streamlined Government and the Enterprise with desktop virtualization solutions that remain our focus and passion.

High End Products

The Status Quo Doesn't Cut It

It’s not the year 2000. It’s not even 2017 anymore, so if you’re still rolling out armies of PCs to your employees, students, or customers you need to know there is a better, cheaper, smarter solution. It’s built on 4 core principles:


Spend Wisely

Less is More


Better Features

Cost Effective

Save considerably on your hardware cost versus buying individual PCs for each user. NComputing gives the ability to expand an existing Host PC easily and affordably.

Save money on the electricity

With over 90% of your PCs removed and replaced with NComputing devices, you will most likely need to turn your thermostat down because there is no heat generated.

High Security

NComputing devices have far fewer input devices (floppy drives, CD-ROMs, USB, etc) so that all data can be kept on a central, secured host, rather than on each individual desktop PC.

Minimize Hardware Obsolescence

Fewer PCs mean lesser hardware becomes irrelevant. If you are using a 1:30 ratio, upgrading one PC simultaneously upgrades 30 users thus effectively eliminating hardware costs.

Not familiar to Desktop Virtualization?

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