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High End Product


NComputing RX300

The RX300 is cloud-ready and provides a rich PC-like experience. RX300
features full-screen, full-motion HD multimedia playback with vCAST direct streaming technology support, built-in transparent USB redirection achieving
unparalleled peripheral support, WiFi, and optional access to Raspbian Linux OS managed by the IT admin.


NComputing RX-RDP

The RX-RDP is a cloud-ready thin client designed and optimized specifically for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and our VERDE VDI platform. Powered by Raspberry Pi3, the RX-RDP provides a rich PC-like experience in an affordable, energy-saving device with a small footprint.


NComputing RXLPC

RX300-RL is designed to help you to optimize your workspace… in more ways than one.

Most Popular


Ncomputing L250

The L-series is a game-changing virtual desktop client device. Its sleek low-power design and form factor is easily mounted on a monitor or secured to a desk. Powered by NComputing’s Numo System on a Chip (SoC), the L-series client device costs less than any other thin- or zero-client options and is a quarter of the cost of typical desktop PCs. With the ability to connect up to 100 user sessions to a single NComputing vSpace server, the combination provides a simple and powerful desktop virtualization solution at one-third the price of traditional alternatives.


NComputing L300

L300 virtual desktop, delivers rich fullscreen, full-motion multimedia playback; transparent USB redirection; and
unparalleled peripheral support. Combined with the NComputing vSpace Server,
the L300 now provides enterprises with a simple-to-deploy, low-cost means to
implement a complete virtual desktop infrastructure in hours.

MX Entry Level


MX100S Standard Edition

MX100S Standard Edition kit works with NComputing’s vSpace Server software to deliver a high quality, media-rich Windows desktop experience to 3-users.


MX100D Direct Connect Edition

MX100 rewrites new affordability standards in shared computing by slashing acquisition cost by as much as 65%, maintenance cost by 80% and energy cost by 90%.